Distinguished Insurance Service

Suez Canal life Insurance Health Card

For the purpose of identifying the insured and to provide this service in an effective manner, the company will issue a "health card" for each member of the policy holder for use in health centers approved by the company. For this purpose, the following information is essential for issuing the health card and requires the policy holder to provide the company with the following:

  • Provide correct data in the attached coverage request or in the declarations attached to the contract.
  • A list of all people required the insurance, and this list should include the name, date of birth and health card number for each person. In the case of family affiliation, the relationship of kinship must be mentioned.
  • 2 images measuring 4 * 6 cm for each person required the insurance, taking into account the writing of the name on the back of the image.
Important Note: You will be charged 15 Egyptian pounds in case of loss or damage the health card or request to reissue the card due to an error by the insured.

The Contracted Medical Departments for Customer Service

Will be determined according to the client desire

We have considered the following:

  • The continuous expansion of their network and deployed throughout all governorates of Egypt.
  • Most major and distinct hospitals and medical centers present in the medical network.
  • Facilitate procedures for providing medical services to their own network.
  • The accuracy and speed of settlement of claims for both cash refunds and direct claims through the health card.